Living Pictures™ Prophetic Portraiture


My Living Pictures™ are a prophetic expression at the intersection of faith and art… Imagine having a visual reference of “who you are becoming” that speaks encouragement every time you look at it. Living Pictures™ are uniquely created to speak to your emerging identity and act as a signpost, pointing you toward your dreams and destiny.

I pair a prophetically crafted photograph with lines from your life statement, “I AM” statement, mission statement, a scripture, dream, or any other significant text to create a visual representation of your journey. Living Pictures™ are especially appropriate for the rites of passage in life such as weddings, graduations, new jobs, military service, births, and more.

Like my other portraiture, Living Pictures™ can be printed on a variety of textured papers, premium heavyweight canvas or metal, depending on the size and mood of the image. Each unique Living Picture™ is personally created and signed by me, the photographer.

I’ve provided a few samples below to help you determine if this is something that makes your heart sing.