First, A Word About Why I’m Different…


Lux Mirabilis… Capturing the “Beautiful Light” of your Body, Soul, & Spirit. It’s my passion.

My images are many things from wonder to whimsy. They are glimpses of the “beautiful you” that everyone else sees, slices of time, pieces of fine art and more… all painted with light.


Getting to know you is part of my workflow, and the conversations we’ll have throughout the process are my creative catalyst. I’m all about listening to your ideas and doing some vision-casting with you over a cup of coffee before we set up a session.

My philosophy is that the vision of you I create with my own eyes and intuition is always better than the readings of light meters. You’re a person, not a subject. When indoors, I typically work exclusively with the gentle light from large studio soft-boxes instead of the formulaic flash lighting used by many photographers. When outdoors, the locations and possibilities are limitless, subject only to our imaginations.

Click the link below to see samples of my work and some lovely comments from clients (not necessarily the person shown), all designed to give you some insights into the outcomes that others have experienced.

— Mike Jarvis

Samples from Portraiture, Portfolios, & Press Packaging


“His luminous photographs capture the very essence of the person, as if he sees their spirit the way God does.”


“Mike’s images are like ‘living pictures’ that speak to the destiny and promise hidden within every individual.”


“For the first time in my life, I see the ‘beautiful me’ that everyone talks about.”


“The time I spent with Mike during my sitting was as extraordinary as his vision.”


“Seriously? I’ve never seen this person in my mirror!”